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What May Be Making Your Computer Slow and What You Can Do About It

I am sure you are asking a lot of time to this issue. Many technicians unable to follow in the memory or processor speed. Both are clear that in your computer are MAY slowly. However, there is still a lot more reason to put your computer assets are relevant and slow. In fact, after reading this article and the application of some of the techniques I describe, you can put your new life with a computer older, slower machine.

In our times, and the software is enormous. This is a meaningless contest that many businesses, such as software to be used, to ensure that their software more and more on your mind. It seems that in this day and every software you downloaded from your computer wants to download it, if your computer starts. This may mean that even a recent computer too slow.

The result is a complex problem for consumers. The majority of computer users are not fools like me techno. To speed up your machine, as a general rule, you can hire a technician and pay a large amount of money to the speed that you have if you purchased the equipment.

The worst thing is that it's really only a handful of programs, start-ups have to be there. Printer programs are, in general, selective and start when the computer is started. Anti-virus for launching programmes would, if the computer is running. In addition, one might add, every program should start security when the computer is started. (Although I do not recommend, most of the latter) Adobe writer Finally, a program that starts, if your computer starts.

Since most of you use Windows XP and Vista, I might directly on these operating systems. Both XP and Vista also start "Services" with your computer. Many are, however, as regards the Windows software designers have also found a way to own "Services", if your computer starts. These "services" are at your startup programs. What I think is absolutely stinks many software designers add two "Services" and Startup Programs. As with the result that a large number of programmes and in a short time is a cluster.

Normally, your computer as well as the memory. If 1 / 2 is used, it's on your computer at the speed with your computer? Most of you are never believe me when I tell you that, in a normal environment of the computer user daily 512 megabytes of memory is sufficient for running Windows XP. Be perhaps for gaming activities, features and greater computing power. But most users of the service I to clean that computers operate slowly grown over 1 GB of memory and to be taxed.

The reasons why there may be many, I am going below some of them.

From the inception of the Internet sursaute of security, and the real problems of all anti-virus seems to cause companies want a security system for your packages throat. Indeed, most of the time, you can not even buy a computer with Norton Internet Security Suite, McAfee Internet Security Suite, Trend Micro, or many others. Most of these programs are a resource serious pork, then add above which it twice, I use that word without "protection", supplemented by the Microsoft firewall and security programs on your computer and is slowly of the door.

Make no mistake, each user must be a firewall, anti-virus and spyware cleaner. I simply disagree with excessive Big business programs that are somewhat expensive, a job to do, if you have a free or affordable with a minimum of resources, which makes the work done better.

For a wonderful free or affordable Anti-Virus package I recommend using AVG Anti Virus. With AVG. It uses minimal resources, their time updates virus dictionary, and has done an excellent job for cleaning your system. If you own a business at an affordable price, you can purchase the Business Edition.

Another plague today's world is spyware. One in a high-tech age and the day you need a technology solution. Another product Safer Networking Spybot Search and Destroy. This product is an excellent free spyware cleaner, and it is extremely slow on system resources.

In the area of firewall game, you have two options. A software firewall and a hardware firewall. Hands down, I will always recommend a hardware firewall in the form of a router. There are many reasons for this. Software firewalls are defective and can be manipulated. Hardware-Firewalls are reliable and have a better supply of limitation ports, in my opinion. Routers offer the dual benefit of potential carriers of wireless access and many other built. A router, you can, in general, only your Internet connection and cable attachments up to 4 computers (default), and many other computers wirelessly. Many manufacturers offer this D-Link, Linksys, Airlink, Net reducer, and many others.

With fewer resources, intensive programmes in order to improve the results of your speed. During the last part of this article, we will discuss how to start programs to disable, to uninstall the program, such as unused programs, and finally, discuss how you can disable services Startup. We are going a little on services that are safe to disable or not.

In the last part, and perhaps the most important of Why Is My Computer Running Slow So, we are discussing, such as start-up to disable programs to uninstall the program, such as unused programs, and finally, how to disable certain services, you can not.

Do not use one of these three easy, we have to be careful, because you can achieve what many problems with your computer, if you are not with greater caution.

Okay, let's get started. All you have to be familiar with what is happening with the Start menu. If you click on the Start button on the right side of this page is a menu option with the name. Please click on the button and you enter the "msconfig". Once you have entered, you can press Enter. The last seconds or until the last bears the name of the tab "Startup". Click on the tab, and you will see that the area is a scrolling list of all your programs start. Chances, most of the programs that are listed, a need.

With a little time and care, you can, what most of these programmes. To turn it off, make sure you do not check in the checkbox next to them. You can do this either by highlighting and clicking with the mouse in the field. Once you enable or disable the services you want, press ok.

The execution time of your computer, which can be done so slowly, it is impossible to correct mistakes. A solution to the "safe mode". It is actually an integrated platform for handling errors and the Windows operating system. At the post or restart your computer from waiting more than 3 seconds, and then press the F8 key. In most systems, you have been waiting for you to have heard the beep on the screen, you are asked whether you want to give your BIOS, just after this screen, press the F8 key. They express a few seconds before it starts to boot Windows XP.

Once you have pressed the F8 key, a pop-up menu asking several options. For inexperienced users may be the first option for the regular supply of safe mode. What safe mode is not loaded with many windows of your programs start off, and few drivers it needs to navigate. From there, you can use "msconfig" and repair your computer.

Another option may be, perhaps you wish to uninstall programs unnecessary, it can in safe mode or normal mode. You choose Start, and then Control Panel, Add / Remove Programs. You will see a list of the image through racing programs that you may not even exist. You can practically everything uninstall these programs using the option. You can uninstall a program at a time.

A common programme, which can lead to serious problems of slow when it is on the computer AOL Dial-Up-platform. I saw that the systems have 3 or 4 versions left on AOL system, and they are now a broadband customers. These versions can be installed in-one, you can see an increase in the yield.

The last point, we are going in this article. When you click on Start, Run services.msc type, press Enter, you will see a list of your services. I will not tell you in this article all the needs of service and each department, you can turn off course, but with a little research, you can discover that you disable programs. For example, one comes to mind is that these are workstations with wireless Internet access, management service.

Once you have sought, which are safe, you can turn off, turn off the finalizing, or only during a computer. They do this using the services to click the right button on your mouse and choose Properties. At the center, you will see a drop-down box, which shows that the type starter. You can choose automatic or manual of people with disabilities. Among Here you can choose Start and stop.

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