Saturday, February 9, 2008

How to Clean the Computer's Case

There is nothing wrong with leaving oil spills, dirt and stains on your computer. After this is not the case, that everything that is the case, to protect the electronic components in the interior of oil slicks and dirt? This is true, but there are still parts of the case, we must clean and check if you want your computer to live a long and prosperous life.

Unless, when searching, more like dirt on your computer, you need to clean it before and oil slicks, dirt, dust and away from the case. You can do this, for the sole purpose of each tissue and clean. Do not use cleaning products very abrasive, ruin, or maybe the surface of Mars, and does not use solvents plastic. A damp sponge is also running. You just have to make sure that cleaner liquid or not drop within through cracks and chimneys. If there is any possibility to log on the chaotic, shut it down and disconnect the computer and wait for the first turn again, in any liquid, has a chance, completely dry.

Once you clean the outside world, it is time for a small mission. Discover the fan blades on the back of the computer. You can also at any time Schlote. Are there dust? Is there an amount of dust and dirt on zusammengebacken? If so, it is an indicator of what the inside must be cleaned (I will tell you how to do this in the next article of the week - How to Clean your motherboard).

Some own environments never have to clean it. Some do they need cleaning per month. When I was living in Russia, although I understand, it does not look was not unique. The fan of the computer, with cakes of mud and dirt after about a month of use. And so, I would have to clean the fan, Schlote, and within each month. If I make him walk for several months without cleaning the fan had heard about and work on the computer had overheated. Where I live in the United States, the air is clean, and I have years, not to be coming to clean. Furthermore, the indicator is in this regard blades of the fan and the Schlote. If they are dirty, they should be cleaned.

You can clean the outside. First, turn off the computer. Please enter your vacuum and the sweeper with the vacuum tube in chimneys and the fan (s). If you have compressed air (you can of compressed air from your computer), you can in the air to expel the air by Schlote (or fan host, if you have one) and the relaxation of dust from the vacuum sucking. If it's like dust or dirt in chimneys or on the leaves of the fan, you can by using a Q-Tip to clean.

If you do not have a vacuum, you can use compressed air alone. Always use gamma flashes courts to avoid moisture building. Start you to the computer, and every shot in the hole and purge. Then, shut down the computer and all bubbles of exhaust fumes, except for the fans once again.

With the fall clean your computer is beautiful appearance and with the fan and LÜFT cleaned, it is easier to breathe and fresh.

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