Saturday, February 9, 2008

Tips for Laptop Care

After buying a laptop, it is important for the bulk of care. Good care and maintenance, the lifespan of the battery and keep your laptop in a condition for the smooth running of more. The basic idea, and the main features of a laptop battery. So read the following advice for the maintenance and improvement of the life of the battery in your laptop: 1.Recharge batteries every day. 2.Try to reduce the display settings. 3.Charge your battery whenever you have access to sockets. 4.Keep an eye on how the battery is consumed much more and much more. 5.Clean your own battery with an alcohol swab or battery. Hold the debris. Here are some tips on laptop Make sure you can follow for the smooth operation and maintenance of your entire laptop: 1.Laptop must never left unattended. 2.Do not to try to dismantle or repair any part of your laptop. 3.Do place any type of portable computer on decorative. 4.Always laptop to keep in the basement. 5.Shut your laptop before him 6.Do not walk with a laptop is power. 7.Do not try to convert other cases, your laptop in your pocket office. 8.Never keep any form of a liquid or a soft drink, especially sugar syrups, close to your laptop. 9.Always keep the laptop does not have the base of the LCD. 10.When you close your laptop, make sure that there are no pencil or a pen left on the keyboard. This can cause damage to the monitor. 11.Keep your laptop at least 6-8 cm in the electronics such as television, music or a refrigerator, because these appliances have magnetic fields, may impair the operation of your laptop. 12.Don 't sitting in a wheelchair with a laptop. 13.Follow all rules and guidelines of the instructions for use. 14.Clean monitor your laptop with a soft and wet, a clean towel or sponge cellulose. 15.Use compressed air to clean the keyboard. 16.Disconnect the power cord and all external devices before cleaning. 17.Close the board, and whether it is safe to the closed position to protect the screen and keyboard. 18.Try not use the laptop in a very hot, especially if your laptop on battery power.

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