Saturday, February 9, 2008

Why Is My Computer Running Very Slow? - And How To Fix It

Is your computer is running very slowly, but you have no idea why it exactly happened? I know at what point can be frustrating, because I was in one of your shoes for a few months. I am close to my computer is replaced by a new one, because I thought my computer was damaged. Fortunately, I managed to keep a simple solution to the problem.

1 Why is my computer slow down?

I am sure you know, the speed of treatment, if you have for the first time from your PC. Your application program used for a very short period of loading and execution of the judgement of the computer and speed has been very rapid.

After a long period of a sudden now, refer to the transformation of the slow speed significantly, and you can be certain that something is wrong, it's your system. This is the point on which you need for the implementation of maintenance of PCs to optimize your system to continue to operate.

2nd Open Space Up

It is a tool for cleaning your hard drive that you can use to identify unnecessary files on your PC, and certainly erase them. This method can be very effective if you have space, but if we are really a lot of hard disk space on the left, is actually not much help.

With the hard drive of the cleaning tool is clean, which are not required to document and the temporary Internet files on your computer. In addition to the deployment of this tool, you can Add / Remove Programs function in your control panel to remove unwanted software, wasted disk space.

3rd Registry Fix your computer

The computer is a critical component of the registry system, which many users have no idea how to maintain it. The more you use your computer, the greater the likelihood that your registry entries, damage and farther and farther from the origin of parameters. It was exactly what is happening with my computer has been created, that the slowdown.

To clean your registry, you need to own scanning software and fix it. This software was able to resume my speed of the computer to regain its level of implementation, it was when I bought the first! Click here to learn more about this registry at best rated the cleanest, go to my site link at the end of this article for more information.

4th remove spyware on your PC

There is nothing that is more disturbing that spyware on your computer. These programs operate in the background and tortuous, basically, and do nothing to help. Some of them have been very well planned, and are very difficult to detect and remove. A few pieces of spyware on your computer should not normally be there too slowly. But if the amount of spyware on your computer accumulates in large amounts, it is problems with speed.

To remove spyware from your computer, you will need an anti-spyware program. Remove remove irritants that lead to that pop-ups, but also improve the speed of your computer. A good anti-spyware, I would recommend is Spybot Search and Destroy.

5th Conclusion

This article describes the 3 tracks that you can use to improve your computer. Cleaning my system registry cleaned a lot of mistakes on my PC, and increased speed. I would recommend that you obtain a free analysis on your computer now, and you determine the main causes of the problems on the speed of your computer.

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