Saturday, February 9, 2008

Why Is My Computer Slow At Loading?

Does your computer slows down the loading of today, if it works very well, was a little nowadays? I remember I had this problem a few months ago, when suddenly my computer, and invites you slow process for apparently no reason. I have so nervous when I noticed this problem, and I thought that I could replace my PC with a new one.

1 Reasons for the computer-to slow down

One of the main reasons why your computer can slow down after a period of use longer, due to errors in the registry. This is the area where your computer stores all software and hardware instructions function properly. Over time, the number of errors or bad entries in the registry accumulate, if it is not often well maintained.

2nd Solving the problem of registration?

If you have technical experience in the purification of the recording, you can own, but always with caution, given that the incorrect entries can be fatal for the system.

3rd A software download Cleaner

For a safer and more rapid move to clean up the registry, you should see a cleaner registry on scanning and solve your PC. Even with a program for cleaning, you must be careful to save your original settings, just in case something goes wrong during the repair. The software that I use this security feature allows me all my backup prior to the execution of the repair.

With this software, you can clean your application, even if you have no technical experience. It is a useful tool for your PC and ensure that you have a computer that optimizes all the time.

A 4th functions Registry Cleaner

The software runs on a free analysis of your PC, after downloading them. It shows you the number of errors found in the registry, and then categorized as a type of errors.

After scanning, you need to make a backup copy before you perform the upgrade. The whole process lasted a little over 10 minutes on my computer, but it can be faster or slower, depending on the number of errors found. In my case, there were approximately 200 errors found in the registry if I ran the scan. According to the definition, he was asked if I restart my computer. The speed of my computer starts has been significantly faster post, and my PC is running like new again.

5th Conclusion

To be able to cure your computer slow, you need, for the real causes of the slow computers. It is the best scanning software to find all the problems on the computer before the decision on the best action. Unless you have a technical expertise related to the fixing of a computer, you should not try it on your own. Go to my site link at the end of this article on downloading cleaner than I spent my computer repair.

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