Saturday, February 9, 2008

Computer Viruses - How To Detect, Remove And Prevent Them

Today, I want to talk a little about computer viruses feared. The purpose of this article is to give you the user at home, the basic skills needed to detect and remove, and, most importantly, prevent viruses from infecting your computer. As the owner of a computer consulting business, I saw, 1 Main, as a lot of damage computer viruses can do. To protect yourself against a virus attack, it is necessary to understand exactly what is a virus. A virus is essentially a software program designed with malicious intentions to copy itself and from one computer to another. What makes a virus is too dangerous to what they are supposed to do.

A virus, once installed on your computer, you can easily damage or delete data from your computer. This may be just the course of your Word document irreplaceable in the image of your love. We are precisely in what may be a virus in the rest of this article. Now you have an idea of what a virus, and what they can do to protect your computer, you can discuss how your computer is infected. I have heard repeatedly by the people, "But I did not open any e-mail attachments, how do I infected? While it is true that a large majority of viruses are hidden in attachments to e-mails, they can also be downloaded on our computer in the form of images, video or instant messages. Personally, I have a virus of Cd's, and jump drives.

Let us talk about you like to protect your computer from viruses. To protect your computer against this threat, it is essential that you have an anti-virus installed and up-to-date. I have many times in the fields of science, anti-virus programs, but still immune to the virus. Allow me to point out that not all anti-virus programs are similar. I do not want to discuss in this article, anti-virus program that you must not use or by e-mail, and I will help you in this aspect. Your anti-virus is very little of you, if you do not know your definitions up-to-date. New viruses are identified throughout this time, it is essential that your anti-virus program at the cutting edge on the latest threats. Another method has proved its worth is to use a firewall.

A firewall is basically software or hardware, which is designed to filter information that the shipment or your computer. Think of a firewall as a guard at the end of the driveway, before someone in your house, they must first a number of safety rules or cheques you have before being admitted at the entrance to your home. Some software-based firewalls include Norton Internet Security, Zone Alarm and Trend Micro. You can use a hardware firewall and do not even know it exists. If you have a LAN (Local Area Network), then chances are you have a router, an art of most routers comes with a built-in firewall that protects highly effective against viruses. Another technique used to prevent viruses, then your computer to update if you are using a Windows PC, so often, the updated Windows for all security patches published.

Do not open attachments if you do not know the sender, it is demanding problems. Lets move to identify infected computers. As technicians PC, it's my responsibility, quickly identify symptoms of the viral infection. Computer with viral infections are often following shows some of the symptoms. Please note that the items listed below can be established by a number of problems, such as spyware and are not designed specifically for the virus. Your computer may be slow to start or stop. They are perhaps the lack of data on your hard drive or in the worst case scenario of losing all the data on the drive. You can strange error messages appear, or if your computer terminates unexpectedly. Your writings are distorted and overlap or you can difficulties in the printing industry.

These are just a few examples of viruses do harm. Now, the most difficult part, removed. It is a subject that deserves its own article, because there are a lot of procedures in different viruses. I will discuss with you the basics. If you believe you are the victim of a virus on a thorough analysis of your computer. It may also prove useful if your hard disk, while in Safe Mode. It is a general rule, by tapping the F8 key for start-ups, but apply to your type of computer for instructions manual.

If you do not have an anti-virus program, the first of what to do, get one! In the meantime, you can use the online services a tool for removing viruses. Many of the famous antivirus programs offer this service. My intention was to help with this article, please inform you about the dangers of viruses on your computer to help you identify knowledge, eliminate or prevent these threats. I hope I have achieved, and you can walk after reading this article, feeling more confident your abilities to protect your computer from viruses.

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