Saturday, February 9, 2008

Top Computer Virus Threats in 2008

The threat of computer viruses are neither surprising nor on the new website. They are in line with new technologies such as voice over IP and instant messaging Gern. Progress in functions are available on the Internet, hackers malicious software player. This underscores the importance of awareness and safe passage of the canvas. Anti-virus, it should be installed in each computer connected to the Internet.

Predictions for Top-2008 are as follows:

• Increase sites Staling Password: There will certainly increase in the number of judgments of the search, a user ID and password, using false pages. Online services in the first place, the targeted dissemination of viruses and malicious software. Unlike the latter, attacks on ISPs are likely to decline, while those that took place on the financial sector will at the same speed.

• Increased spam: spam will continue to grow, about 40 percent of all spam received as compared to 10% a year ago. There has been a significant increase in the incidence of the image such as spam and other pump-and-dump stocks, pharmacy, graduate and spam.

• Increased attacks IM: Instant Messaging Client wins wide popularity among Internet-savvy. They are always looking for the best messengers to communicate on the Internet. Given that the function of instant messaging, a number of exclusive features such as file transfer and management webcam, virus attacks on these applications can grow in the near future.

• Increase the hog line of attack: the online game is also the source of entertainment and money to several companies, their subscribers to buy virtual goods for the match. The virus attacker can try to make this target group virtual goods real money.

• Increase Attacks Windows Vista: The attacker comprehensive and hackers trying to exploit the loopholes in operating systems. Given that Windows Vista, the latest version of Microsoft Windows is the view of the critical security vulnerabilities, hackers are trying to inject the virus in the systems concerned.

• Increase in phishing attacks: phishing attacks are likely to give rise to a Top-10 threats in 2008. Thanks to the increase in the frequency of using copies of the original, the sites where users animation for their sensitive data, phishing attacks may increase.

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