Saturday, February 9, 2008

Have Computer Certifications Lost Their Value?

Certificates computer did not lose its value, and they have. These are two comments and ask, or go on the forum, you will get two answers. There are those who believe, certifications are no longer valid, and all those who do.

They can talk about their own experience, and here is mine:

Certificates of a computer who helped me, my foot in the door in search of work and it, when I wanted to change careers. For years, I was a secretary and growth rather boring with the role. My first cert, Comptia A + I landed, the first work of computers. He pays very badly, and the lessons were more than it could, but I was not naive to think that there is no experience with cert was for me a high paying jobs. I only need my foot in the door.

Over the years, I went more certifications under my belt. My knowledge base grew, grew my salary and my pretty darn good cast a glance backward, which corresponds to the letters of my name, but also experience. In fact, I have never to trust, to attend interviews, I began to receive certification, because I knew I had an advantage.

And here I am one hand, and noted that very little mean, certification without experience. Certs show they are willing to learn new things, you are a go getter and employers feel much more confident because you have with this file. But without a certificate experience is just one piece of paper, that you know you Kram (hopefully).

This is what I found:

Some employers value of certification - no other

If you have any employment contracts, certifications impress - they are needed

Cabinet recruitment also love most, they can impress with its customers, the better

Some certs help you advance in your career, other non -

You must confirm or not?

If you do not, you will be on the market. For a while, I was responsible for hiring and those who arrived at the door, only certified and tested by the fact that the second interview.

The certificates have not lost its value - it is only in this way that they do not have the "new thing on the block" either. Certificates are used for an extravagance. But now, they are the normal thing, you.

I do not want more, if not for me. I have better things to do with my time and my money. But I know they have proved to be paid - reveals my career, I have chosen to monitor and plan carefully where I am.

If you have the idea of, computers career route you have done your own research? What career you succeed? Decide you follow while other products that are, ultimately, you increase the attitude that you have always dreamed of.

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