Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Basic Tutorial On How To Secure Your Computer From Internet Threats For Beginners

Once you are connected to the Internet, there are many Internet threats such as viruses, Trojan horses, spyware, hackers, which can damage, slow down or steal information from your PC.

The following paragraphs provide some insight, how to better protect your computer against threats from the Internet. It is simply written and non-technical, keywords, so that beginners and non-technical staff are able to understand them. Each protection of the safety of the user of a computer, the number of people they will break into their computer with different methods of attack.

(1) A common threats from the Internet is a virus attack. What is a virus?

The viruses are computer programs, the following characteristics:

1 The program is self-replicating.

2nd The program can activate itself. In addition, infection by viruses files.

Here is my encounter with the virus:

"Back when I several offices, network management in the region, I saw how some viruses such as Netsky" "Attack of the networks, and they come in thousands (20000 in the night, be precise!).

Fortunately, I had a virus, the virus that blocks attacks from entering data into the computer Centre, which critical business operations and data backup. The unbesungenen heroes (The Anti-Virus) did it's job well, and not a single virus has been carried out through the network. We are sorry, but the server is running, that the virus had a hardware failure due to the extremely high number of traffic for the cleanup of these viruses.

I had to choose a server paused on the anti-virus offering, and later installed a cluster Anti-Virus, the solution to high availability. This meant an anti-virus software is the first absolute protection, which a computer can not. "

So, how protection and there is a lot of cost anti-virus?

The answer is "yes". One of the most Anti-Virus Free Edition AVG Anti-Virus.

(2) Another form of threat, spyware Internet.

Spyware programs are in the situation to various types of personal information, and can also be done by installing additional software, your website to other websites that can be viruses. In addition, several spyware can lead to what your computer to slow down, as it lasts until your processor, memory and hard drive capacity. Your network can also suffer performance such as unwanted spyware to redirect network traffic.

Traditionally, an anti-virus protection appropriate for a PC, but now it is also important to anti-spyware, to counter this threat. Anti-spyware are available on the PC monitor for spyware and offers a peace of mind while on your online activities.

There are also a lot of costs and popular anti-spyware, like Spybot Search & Destroy and Lavasoft Adware staff.

Trojan (3)

These are computer programs that hide behind innocent research attachment to an e-mail (for example, an attractive computer game). Once the attached file is executed, the Trojan moves into your computer and start you do now you may damage your computer.

Some Trojan horses, spyware, software is a recording of Internet use and statistics, it sends this information back on the creators.

Most anti-virus, Trojans distance. But today, it is preferable to equip your PC with a personal firewall. This will help you, applications unwanted / Virus try to understand it to your PC.

The above are essential for the defense against threats from the Internet. Of course, there are many other steps to minimize those risks. If you need further information, and step by step instructions for installing the software on security, visit the site.

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