Saturday, February 9, 2008

PS3 Hack

A number of these units has appeared on the secondary market (in the case of high prices in general), and had been a success, since it would allow games from any region, and copies of CD - R, the tendency to lead, and they commanded high prices. All units are blue CDs have problems, but the DTL-H110x units (with an external PSU block) are significantly more reliable than the originals-DTL-H100x. The installation of a modchip allows the PlayStation skills, and several options were available. Until the end of the system life cycle of almost anyone with a minimum of experience welding was able to detect the change in the console. This change allows the playback of games from other regions, such as NTSC, PAL-titles on a console, or can play in the ability of illegal copies of games, the original, without restriction. Modchips can play a game on CD-ROM. This led to a wave of games developed without being formally approved by the compiler free GNU tools, as well as the illegal reproduction of the original disks. With the establishment of such material of the console was very attractive to programmers, and even pirates. Message on the creation of copies of games to play with their many questions to the original time, like CDs that were manufactured by Sony so that it is difficult to reproduce - and impossible to copy on supports. Not only original disks have a dark tint to them, they were dominated by a specific motion in the leadin - if it strengthens and cut into rounds 4 contained a string that from the CD-ROM Mechacon smart, and if the hard drive to accept if it was correct (this channel varied depending on the region from the hard drive - "SCEI" for NTSC: J-machines "SCEA for NTSC / U / C-machines" SCEE " , and the PAL machines SCEW "For the Net Yaroze). Given that the model followed in the disc at the time of manufacture and CD-R has a spiral own, which can not be reproduced on a CD-ROM recorder. Some companies (especially Datel) to produce, manage, as well as the bootable CD unmodifed on retail, but it was above the average of pirates. The other problem was that most of the readers of PC used in mode 1 or mode 2/Form 1 (2048 bytes / sector) and the PSX with a mixed-mode format most data mode and streaming 2/Form 1 Audio and video data mode 2 / 2 - the quantity of CD-R, readers at the time could no longer cope. Even after verbatim copies were made, that you still have a modchip on the correct code on the CD-controller to read the CD-ROM (if the hard drive is not a safety check, they can play, as CD-Audio, CD-ROM, but the controller to refuse any attempt at data transmission). The establishment and the mass production of these profitable modchips, combined with the ease of installation, actually marked the beginning of the video game console of piracy. From random, CD-ROM burners were made available at the same time. Prior to the Playstation, copying equipment protected by copyright for gaming consoles was limited either fervent exceptional technical skills, and others who have access to CD manufacturers. With this console, fans could replicate something for the production of Sony was a mere fraction of IFRS.

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