Saturday, February 9, 2008

Become a Musician by Recording Your Own Music to Your Computer

Save the music from home, in essence, the capture of music on your computer, and then recording it on your hard drive or CD-ROM drive. Once you have that make a party, then you are free, in collaboration with friends, family, people in the streets for money or sell it. The best part is that you do not need background music, production or high prices a producer of music, for a start. With software, you can, whenever you want.

In recent years, new technologies, access your computer at home more affordable and accessible at the same time almost everybody. It is not only cheaper and simpler than the older systems, but the quality of recordings of music, as almost studio quality, how to find them. Major of music are software companies Home Recording coupling with MySpace and other social site as a great way for bands and musicians, in order to things that exist.

This entity will hopefully say the material, equipment and software you need for your music, the band within and music, you will receive your aspirations of the Kick in the background they need.

Start by himself station digital audio workstation. The most popular programs are for Mac GarageBand, or Logic. Users of PC using Windows is better, if you use Cubase, Pro Tools, Digital Performer, or Reason. Make sure the computer has enough processing power. A Gig RAM should be sufficient for most jobs.

Come on, and you will find a registration interface or sound card. Also be sure that the entries of the guitar, microphone and headphones. A FireWire interface is often the best bet because they taken directly from the FireWire port and you do not need an AC adapter.

Now, you must be a MIDI controller, the keyboard is right on the computer's USB port. The keyboard is not on his sons, but does not solve the sounds of the computer software. Separate Midi-USB port and interfaces are sold separately, if you have your level of USB keyboard is not compatible, because they need a MIDI output trigger these software instruments.

Do yourself a favor and go buy a condenser microphone and a high quality headphones. If you plan to chant or registration of an acoustic guitar, you need both.

Now install the software driver for the reception and keyboard interface, but also. Once it is completed, you can use the interface for communication with the new recording software.

If you have some fun and chaos around a little with various software instruments and loops to learn their characteristics. Loops are the pre-recorded tracks that you hear from musicians beginners who help him sound quality, as they truly are. Most are composed of drum loops, synth and strings.

Lastly, with regard to the balance between the left and right speakers, an input level of the instrument, and start recording. Do not be discouraged if you do not sound as a musician expert immediately. He needs some work practices hard and learn before software and musical instruments.

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