Saturday, February 9, 2008

How To Avoid Getting Infected By A Computer Virus

A virus is basically a piece of code that can be attached to files and programs, on the pretext of something positive and spread to other programs, files, and recipients from the user's knowledge or approval. These viruses from infecting your computer and create havoc by destroying data and files.

Some of the hardest hit by computer viruses is also Trojans, worms and file Infectors.

Some of the most effective ways to get rid of computers infected with a virus:

Install antivirus software

This is your main defense against computer viruses. Anti-virus scan all floppies and attachments of messages, in order to make sure they are healthy before content from these sources on your computer. If the anti-virus software but to the presence of a virus, he cautions against downloading content from this source. If a virus harmful fails, drag your watchful eye past, the anti-virus software is in quarantine and vaccinated, the virus that prevent dispersion in your computer.

Do not open e-mails from unknown senders

If you do not know the sender of the e-mail open, it's as simple as that. E-mails sent by unknown senders are viral infections kept waiting, I do not see much with attachment with the extension. Vbt,. Com "or". Exe extension. If it looks suspicious, the best thing you need to do to permanently delete, unopened, from your Inbox and also your "deleted messages" folder.

Stay up to date

Find out about the latest viruses of the tower and stay informed on the effectiveness of treatments, so that you are always ready in the event that it can not be the next victim.

Backup, backup, backup ...

No matter what you do to protect your computer, you are never 100% sure. Every day there newest and most powerful virus developed, and it is almost impossible to protect your computer and everyone of them. Your best option is a backup copy of your important data and operating systems on a regular basis. Backup allows you to recover lost data, and limiting the damage in case of infection by the virus.

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