Saturday, February 9, 2008

Choosing a Computer Case

ATXPowerSupplies.Com writing this article on the selection of cases for a computer to the computer for you in your decision-making process. There are literally thousands of cases of a computer on the market, sometimes resulting choosing the right computer, but when the task.

First, choose a computer where appeals to your personal taste. Once you have found, provides that, as well, but there are still some other attributes via a computer cases, one must be aware that you are.

Are there before USB? It makes almost no sense, the case of a computer without front-usb. Front USB ports come in handy for connecting a digital cameras and download images. Thus, you can avoid, drag the computer for the USB port on the back. Almost all motherboards Front USB ports on the rear usb. Other uses of the outer port USB Memory Stick host MP3 player home, portable, temporary home printer and the computer networking.

How to install the motherboard in the case? If possible, try a case that has a removable backplane for mounting of the motherboard. The backplane is able to mount the trap of the motherboard. With this method, it is possible to install the motherboard on the outside, where there is a lot of room to work. Installing a motherboard in a case, without a computer, a removable backplane can cramped. They also take the risk of cutting your hands on the outskirts of the case chassis. Of course, when the computer is largely the case then it is perhaps not necessary where there is a removable backplane. The removable backplane, the function is becoming increasingly important if the computer is small.

What is your main form factor motherboard? There are several factors, the shape of motherboards are, as a general rule, be established. The major form factors: Micro ATX, ATX-Full (commonly called ATX), and Extended ATX. Each computer case, it should appoint the motherboard form factors which will accept them. If the case is not to describe the factors of the motherboard, it is taking shape, then the best thing is to move, you have the risk in the case of purchase of a computer, whether it is not suitable to your motherboard. Physical measures of a motherboard are mostly irrelevant. As long as the factors of the case and the motherboard of the game, then you should not have problems with the installation.

What is the size of the network, as part of the computer? Ask yourself this important issue, because most of the companies that sell the computer case is also a small part of the network is that most of the time, too small for your application. A subnet may lead to the exploitation erratic computer, most often marked by frequent rebooting. The majority of these cases, computers come standard without ATXPowerSupplies adapter. Human beings have different needs, we offer the possibility for the customer, what size, they need electricity in their case. Be sure you our article on choosing the right food for your computer.

Like many bays device is required on your computer? It is necessary to know how many 5.25 "and 3.5" Player of wells, you have in your computer. If installing four boot your computer, then it will be necessary for at least one case, with four bays 5.25 "drive shaft. You also need a number of 3.5" Drive wells. A floppy drive and hard drive 3.5 adjustments in the drive shafts. Floppy drives for external bays should be, which means they are accessible from outside the box. Hard drives are the internal 3.5 "Player of wells. The bottom line, to ensure that you have enough compartments for all your peripherals.

If the physical dimension of the computer in the event of the form to your site? Make sure you also have the case of a computer, whatever it takes place in, we have, for your computer. Be sure to all of the height, width and depth.

Is there in your space for cooling your computer? In most applications where the computer is outstanding in space, supporters of Food and CPU are cool enough to restart the computer. In villages, such as cabinets, you can one or two supporters of the aid for cooling. Another application of the requirement for additional fans, if a connection units of the processor.

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