Saturday, February 9, 2008

How To Watch Cable TV On Computer

Want to watch TV cable to the PC, but not how it should be done? There is more than one way to do it. Let me briefly on 2 methods.

For that you can see the cable TV live on your computer, you can pay for a specific hardware for PC appointed PCTV cards. These cards can receive on your computer live satellite television feeds. There are 2 types of maps external and internal. The internal, on the form of a PCI card, while the external connection to your PC via USB. The card receives the satellite feed through a telephone line or cable connection that you have your broadband network.

The second possibility is the acquisition of software, the live satellite feed channels directly on your computer. What is needed is that the software, and a high-speed connection of preference. A 56k dial-up connection is also work, but you will not get the best video performance. You can then see to cable television to the desktop or laptop to the far right. The process of downloading software, installation and start live TV channels are less than 20 minutes.

For comparison purposes, I recommend that the second option. Why? First, you do not need to purchase and install the equipment. This implies the ease of opening your computer and try a card. Of course, there are always external PCTV cards, personally, I would prefer, and not to any other device and wiring is sitting on my desk.

There are several other reasons why I recommend using the software to watch cable television on the computer and I say to my experiences with specific software. First, it's a fee, which typically less than $ 50. In other words, you only pay for the software, and can it as long as you like. Secondly, it is light and easy to install. Thirdly, some packages offer over 3000 channels throughout the world for you to choose. After a period of use, it feels almost like you watch live TV channels free of charge.

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