Saturday, February 9, 2008

Top Ten Antivirus Tools For Keeping Your Computer Virus Free

Although, of course, there are a dozen anti-virus software, there are also programmes in the top ten of anti-virus tools as well. As a result of the study lists differ from site to site. So in that sense, one list, and they vary. But the list is instructive and provides the user the ability to see what others have decided. Accordingly, there are many Web sites available, both positive and negative reactions, comments on the same site. The following is an idea of what the top ten tools and remember they are based on research findings.

# 1 - Linux anti-virus cleaning

If, for the detection and cleanup of the hard drive.

# 2 - BullGuard

It is a sort of shield, which can be used for protection or identification of possible threats, harmful applications.

# 3 - Protector Plus software

It is also responsible for protecting the safety and computer data is not compromised.

# 4 - Etrust EZ Antivirus

A smaller version of the program for security protection.

# 5 - Sophos

Protection for users with Internet access, is to determine the content suspects.

# 6 - Intrusion Scanner - scans established to recognize and trespassing on your computer and the software, which could cause problems.

# 7 - Kaspersky Lab

The programme for the identification and elimination of risk and try malicious programs, corrupted files and data on a computer.

# 8 - the e-mail server free Internet for viruses

They focus mainly on e-mail and applications related to the Internet, e-mail account. Detects threats and is able to demonstrate real-time alerts.

# 9 - complete protection of the Internet

The program used for a user something peace of mind, if it spreads via the Internet. It protects against potential threats download.

# 10 - Mac virus

Owned specifically to the mac with the operating systems and has a firewall added to the extension of the programme. Once installed allows detection of harmful content.

There are still many other programs, security can finally be used. These are just a few examples that have been listed as the top ten of anti-virus tools on a website. Be sure to read all the information contained on the site, to determine whether the Web site that can be verified as legitimate, if it is necessary to exercise caution when downloading programs from the Internet on your PC . There is a risk, if you are not sure, through the programme. Each user must bear in mind, without exception, unless the download is safe.

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