Saturday, February 9, 2008

Computer Security Free - Is That Possible?

Anyone who surfs the net should be concerned about the security of computers. There are viruses, Trojan horses, spyware, adware, malicious ... The list of what is outside, in the type of malicious software continues and continues. They either take steps to protect your computer and data backup, or suffer the consequences.

What is the computer security need you? And can you free the computer security?

The answer to the first question is: "It depends". It depends on the value of what you protect. If you buy what is on the Internet, on financial transactions go through the computer, then all the information on the financial consequences for the purchase is potentially threatened. What does it cost, thieves info if you have your data?

And not to feel too safe, but because you do not save your credit card number, expiration date and number cch cc (on the back of the card) on your computer. If the data on a purchase of assets, a Key Logger-spyware hidden on your computer, recording each key and the transmission of information to cyber thieves.

Can one computer security? Yes, if you do not need to Heavy-Duty security. If you choose the best way to make money, then the security of your computer, free or paid, typically at lower cost. There may be a lot of free software, but it is, as a general rule, an easy task. Nevertheless, you could secure enough.

Your children are using the computer to download and play computer games and browsing the sites MySpace and other social sites, can not have a set of data on it. It would probably not attract thieves or those responsible identified. That's why you can still protect your computer.

For the computer you use for paying bills and the economy, too, in your opinion, your "harden" Your security of the defence. Put yourself in both a firewall hardware and software firewall to world-class anti-spyware and the establishment of a "safe data for sensitive data rates.

(A good acts of data securely, provides and works in a normal hard drive, if you opened your password, and like many incomprehensible, not gibberish.)

So look on every computer and data values, which focus on him and security depending on your computer, on a profitable basis. It is not necessarily the safest in the world, but quite sure of the value of the content.

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